6 things to expect in your driving lesson

Top 6 things to expect in your driving lesson

The driving bug has finally caught you. Maybe it’s not the Vin Diesel movies or Kit from Knight Rider. Perhaps, you are at the age where it ridiculous to not have learnt to drive. No matter what your motivations are – you made the right and amazing choice of learning to drive with.

We will go over some typical scenarios and things to expect in your driving lesson to ensure you keep your wits about you and are prepared. It is not rocket science nor is it a skill few are born with.

So, there is no need to be nervous at all. Let’s get started.

1. Bring your provisional license or learning permit with you. Your instructor is legally bound to teach you to drive only as long as you have your permit with you. Once you show it, you will soon be legally commencing your driving lesson.

2. Pack in a little patience when you arrive. The instructor will not let you behind the wheel right away. Wait till the instructor drives you to safer area, i.e. not a main road, such as a residential area or even an industrial one. Safety come first, both your lives will be jeopardized if you get driving lessons in the middle of a busy road.

3. Learn the cockpit drill by heart. There are no two ways about it. It is imperative you learn this for you will live with it for the rest of your life.

Simply put, the cockpit drill will involve you setting up your car seat and the mirrors properly so that it’s adjusted to your driving. Soon, you will develop a rhythm to it and it will almost be second nature to you.

For now, it does not matter if it feels boring or like a chore. Learn and do it properly. When you begin to drive, you will appreciate it because it will have helped in your driving abilities on the road.

4. Get ready because you are up next. The wait is over. All those years of planning and hesitating have come to this point in time. You will finally get behind the wheel. But, hold on now. Let’s not get hasty.

Your driving lessons will not involve some high speed chase sequence from a film. You begin with the basics. Do you remember anything from watching others drive?

5. Couple seconds in your driving lessons, you should be able to notice a few key things. You are not doing the fun stuff like speeding on a straight road or even reversing into a corner. The instruction will tailor your driving lesson in a way so you start with the very basics of driving.

The driving lessons will involve learning controls, how the windscreen wipers work, how to use the A./C. and heater dials, clutch control and how to check for blind spots among things.

6. You now slowly begin to drive and are thinking this driving lesson is pretty easy. Pay attention to where you are and the speed limits. Your instructor will not let you speed anyway and your nerves might get the best of you even at 25mph. But wait—

This is not a dream. You need to pass the clutch and stalling test first.

There is no shame in this nor should you let frustration ruin your driving lessons. It takes a while to perfect the clutch control and it is wholly normal to stall a few times as you drive.

7. Once the driving lesson is complete for the day, you will receive an overview of what was taught, roads driven on and your driving abilities.


Keep in mind: Slow and steady, watch the road and listen to your instructor. This is not just fun but a vehicle which can hurt people. Be a good student to get the most out of your driving lessons. Drive responsibly.